medic what the fuck

Why be a pyro when you’ll only hurt the people you love?

this was a hilarious video and i did desperately need some heavymedic




genetic trash



Marceline is bored but Bubblegum is too busy with ~science~.

I see too many good posts with them on my dashboard ahh I couldn’t avoid drawing them<3

her death was really heart breaking

“Did you guys know? If you share a drink, you can become brothers. We may not be on the same ship when we become pirates, but this will bind us together as brothers! No matter where we are or what we do, nothing can break this bond…!! From today on, we’re brothers!”

idk what i was trying to draw




Hey my name’s Reema and I’m a queer girl who’s also an atheist living in Qatar a country in the Arabian peninsula that mainly goes by the Sharia law currently, and in this country identifying as a queer atheist is punishable by death (see here and…


Soul Eater OST
"Bakusou Yume Uta" Explosive Dream Song - Third Ending Theme
Preformed by Diggy-MO’


scenery warm ups from twitter !!!

shh scout is napping

more doodles

family photos are so important